Where Did Amy Go?


Hey y’all. Sure has been a while. So what the hell have I been up to?

I wanted to write a post to remind you all that no, I’m not dead. Since May, quite a few things have happened:

  • I applied for a job at TheTinyLife.com, one of the most-read tiny house blogs on the entire Interwebs
  • Was accepted to said job at the end of May!
  • Realized I had to move to Charlotte, North Carolina, in a month
  • Freaked out because I had never been to Charlotte in my entire life
  • Finished working at my alma mater as well as the food truck (Goodbye, free Asian food. You will be missed terribly)
  • Found someone to fill my room in Boston, and found a new roommate in Charlotte
  • Got rid of 80% of my stuff
  • Tearfully moved out of my Boston apartment on the Fourth of July
  • Stayed at home in Connecticut for a week and got rid of even more stuff, including a lifetime’s accumulation of books (that was very tough)
  • Drove down to Charlotte in the middle of July, an 18-hour drive over the course of two days
  • Settled in, made friends, explored a new city!

And as far as The Tiny Life, we’ve done some pretty awesome stuff in just five months. We’re currently organizing the third annual Tiny House Conference, which is going to be the biggest and best yet! We’re recording new podcast episodes and gearing up for the re-launch of Tiny House Chat. We also wrote an entire freakin’ book! It was a ton of work, but it was a blast. The book is currently in the design and editing stage, and it will be available for sale in Spring of 2016. And my name is in it! One of my childhood dreams come true.

My new roommate in Charlotte is currently building a tiny house because she is awesome. But more importantly, it’s lit a fire under my own ass to hustle and make my own tiny house dreams a reality. I snagged a part time job cutting produce at a cute little grocery store around the corner from my house, and all the money from that paycheck goes directly into my tiny house savings. If all goes according to plan, I should be ready to start building in March 2017! I also nabbed a paid singing gig at a local church, which can also help me get started more quickly. Things are going really, really well.

I miss this little blog and I hope I can get back into it soon. In the meantime, head over to TheTinyLife.com to read more of my content!

Fist bump,



My New Favorite Life-Changing, Habit-Building App


Hey everyone! Long time no post. April was one hell of an awesome month, but man oh man was it busy. I’ve spent most of May attempting to recover. As a die-hard introvert, I’ve been limiting social engagements for the sake of my own relaxation and well-being.

BUT, that means I’m finally getting around to writing more blog posts!

Today I want to introduce you to my new favorite app: Sessions!

Sessions is a beautifully designed, easy to use habit-building app for the iPhone. Have you ever caught yourself thinking things like, “Man, I really ought to start meditating…” or “I’ve fallen out of my running habit, but I can’t seem to find the time to get back into it”? Sessions might be just the thing you need.

I’ve been feeling pretty listless for the past couple weeks, but when I discovered this app through an article on Creative Bloq, I felt totally energized and inspired. It’s what I needed to finally kick my own ass (is that even physically possible?) and get around to building the daily habits I’ve been missing in my life.


Sessions allows you to set up timers for different activities you’d like to incorporate into your day-to-day routine. You can select the amount of time you want to perform the activity, and how often. The free app lets you set up three different timers, but if you upgrade for $0.99, you can set up as many timers as you’d like.


Right now I have four sessions going: Read for 30 minutes daily, stretch for 20, make my bed for 3, and practice my belly dance shimmies for 3. Performing my desired daily habits has turned into a really fun challenge, since the app also keeps track of how long you did your task without missing a session. I’ve even made my bed for six days in a row now! I don’t think that’s happened since I was perhaps ten years old.

Sessions helped me overcome the hardest part of habit-building: starting. Now that I’m doing these tasks on a consistent basis, I’m looking forward to completing my sessions for the day. I’m even thinking about a way to gamify the experience – for every day I complete all four tasks, maybe I can put a dollar into my tiny house savings? Who knows!

Clearly I’m obsessed with Sessions, and you should be too. What would your sessions be?

Until next time,


April 2015 Playlist: Southern Gothic

Ready for another playlist? This month’s theme is Southern Gothic.

Maybe these songs are more appropriate for the hot, muggy months of summer. But we here in Boston are FINALLY emerging from the cluster that turned out the be our snowiest winter in recorded history. I discovered these songs back in February, and I would play them on repeat as I walked home from work past piles of snow twice my height. They definitely helped mediate the oppressive gloom of a snowy winter.

This music calls to mind the unique environment of the American South. Listening to these songs makes me think of sticky summer nights, the droning of crickets at twilight, the creaking of porch swings, and the din of a blues rock band playing in the back of a dive bar. A steady drumbeat, passionate vocals, and a heavy dose of banjo will clear that SAD right up.




Link Lovely 3.30.15



Stay lovely,


Sweet Molasses 2015: Registration Now Open!


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I DO occasionally write about things that are not, in fact, tiny houses. I’m no one trick pony – I actually care about other things too! Today I wanted to tell you about an awesome event happening this summer in Boston: Sweet Molasses Blues! If you like dancing, live music, awesome people, or even all three, then this is the event for you.

Sweet Molasses is a three-day blues dance exchange extravaganza happening in Boston. The event will take place July 24 – 26. With multiple class tracks taught by over a dozen world-class blues dance instructors, evening dances with three live bands, late night dances, fantastic DJs, competitions, choreography, and even a barbecue, it’s going to be one hell of an awesome weekend. I can tell you from experience you won’t sleep at all during those three days and you will be tired in the best way possible.

This will be the third year I’ll be attending Sweet Molasses, and this year is special because I’m a staff member for the event! That logo you see above? It was designed by yours truly! I had a blast designing the branding collateral for this year’s SweetMo. The best part of being the designer is the fact that all my work will be done BEFORE the event, so I can hang out and enjoy the classes and dances without herding cats or putting out fires all weekend. Yessss.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Registration is officially open at 12 noon today. What are you waiting for?! Nab an early bird pass and save $50 on your ticket! Register at the Sweet Molasses OpenDance page and visit the Sweet Molasses website for more info about class tracks, bands, housing for out-of-towners, venues, and more.

(And the main dance venues WILL have air conditioning this year.)

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues!!

Stay sweet,